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Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that has been around for decades, and a widespread practice being used in hospitals and clinics around the world. It has recently become more predominant during the last few years, and I feel the increase is due to the ways of our existence. 

It came into my view from a dear friend when I mentioned to her the difficulties I had with severe panic attacks and anxiety that would trigger episodes of vertigo. with migraines and back pain. She mentioned to me how it was an amazing experience and the only way she's been able to manage her pain. During our conversation, I was explaining to her about my own struggles with anxiety. An anxiety so debilitating that it would trigger episodes of vertigo.  

I began researching and found that meditative practices and working with crystals could help calm my anxiety. I used positive affirmations to raise my vibrations and exercise increased them furthermore. During meditations I uncovered memories of pain suppressed for years. That was when I used both Western and Eastern modalities to help.

By w
orking extensively on myself, I triggered Kundalini Awakening. I began to feel different about myself and the life I had been living. I wasn't satisfied and felt I needed to be more of service. 

During meditative prayer, I asked God how I could do that. I ask who I was really, because I knew who I had become wasn't who I was meant to be. I simply heard the word "healer' and once I researched the word, I guided to Reiki and Energy Work. I signed up for Reiki classes and thus began my journey of rediscovery. Once attunements were
given, I was catapulted into a journey of self-healing

As I studied and practiced Reiki, my sister Sara laid in hospice and was given Reiki to help her transition peacefully. To me the simultaneous synchronicity of both seemed too natural

I have been a Reiki Master since October of 2019 and have taught several students and have provided workshops on topics varying from Shadow Work to enhancing Psychic Abilities. 

I became an Ordained Minister and Dr. of Divinity through the Universal Life Church as I found that many of my students and clients had different beliefs and I felt it important to understand what brought them Spiritual peace.

I recently completed my Karun Ki® Reiki Master and have finalized my Sound Bowl Healing training and added both to my practice. My focus is to help others clear their Chakras, which are seven energy centers inside your body that affect your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 
When you begin to work on your chakras, your energy begins to flow upwards. Many people’s chakras are not aligned properly, overactive or underactive which may cause confusion, anxiety, depression, fatigue or chronic pain. 
By awakening the chakras through special techniques such as energy work, high frequency sounds, breathing techniques, and other alternative modalities, your energy begins to move in the right direction bringing you positivity, peace, clarity, and stamina or higher energy. 
Clearing and balancing your energetic system may boost the acceleration of your own ability to self-heal on a Quantum level, releasing your trapped negative emotions which may be preventing you from living a meaningful and purposeful life.
I've also incorporated Hypnosis and am passionate about learning more modalities to help others. I practice on myself first and create platforms based on results that I know will help others. I'm a true believer that research and practice go a long way. 

During my free time I volunteer for a local hospice center in the Nashville area. I enjoy hiking and walking, planting, music, researching and learning. I enjoy spending time with friends and with other healers, collaborating on projects, etc. I've dedicated myself to helping others and I am passionate about my work.